Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weekly Plans for 9-23-9-27

Thursday 9/26/ 13  D Day 

Objectives:  As a result of the lesson students will ....

1. Read All About Wolves in groups of four.
2. Identify the gist of paragraphs 8-12 by writing the gist of each paragraph

Students Activity:  

Students will read in groups of four and record the gist if each paragraph.  Students will answer the following guiding questions:

What do I learn about the topic as I read?

Text Based Question:  In paragraph 7-10 what do we learn about the behavior of alphas? 

Student Outcomes
Write down the gist for each paragraph.  Answer the text based question giving details about alpha behavior.

Friday: 9/27/13 E-Day 

Objectives: As a result of the lesson students will..
1.Develop their own text-specific questions with which to analyze the text All About Wolves
2. Analyze text to create questions 

Student Activity:  Record information about the details on Analyzing Details Worksheet. Students select three details to copy and record their thinking.

Outcome: Create questions based in their Analyzing Details Worksheet.

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