Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plans for the Week of 9/30/13-10/4/13

Mr. Bish
Grade 6 Plans for the Week of 9/30/13-10/4/13 continued

Wednesday, 10/2/13   B Day

Objectives:  As a result of the lesson students will....
1.)  Cite evidence in a reading of All About Wolves: Hunting Behavior that support answers to comprehension questions.
2.) Use technology to define vocabulary words from All About Wolves. Define Terms, Identify synonyms, antonyms, and create sentence that uses to the words in the correct context.
3.) Present vocabulary  four square to classmates.

Activity: Vocabulary Four Square: Group work on All About Wolves.

Learning Outcome: Students will create a four square that defines terms, synonyms, antonyms, and sentence used in correct context.

Thursday, 10/3/13 C Day

Objectives: Objectives:  As a result of the lesson students will....
1.) Attend a production of Peter Pan at Massena High School.
2.) Discuss aspects of the performance the students enjoyed, did not enjoy, creatively what they noticed.

Split Classes:  Bish Team with Barkley for writing .  Santamore's Students prep for assessment Friday.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Plans for the Week of 9-30- 2013-10-4- 2013

Mr. Bish's Plans
Week of 9-30-13 to 10-4-13

Monday 9/30/13  F- Day

OBJECTIVES: As a result of the lesson students will...
1.) Participate in Monday Morning Meeting in Mr. Barkley's Room.  During the meeting students will

- listen to the Morning Buzz presented by students
- learn objectives for a week
-listen to a presentation by Mr. Matt and Ben from 96.5 radio station.
- generate questions to ask Mr. Mat and Ben about their career in radio.

2.) Demonstrate knowledge of All About Wolves Pack Behavior

Student Activity: Quiz on Pack behavior 1-7 using evidence to support answers

Outcome: Students will participate in Morning Meeting and complete knowledge of pack behavior assessment.

Tuesday:  10/1/13 Happy October    A Day

OBJECTIVES: As a result of the lesson students will...
1. Work together in cooperative groups to get the gist from each paragraph about wolves hunting behavior.
2. Present what they learned about wolves to the class.
3. Present vocabulary words and their meanings using context clues and definitions.

Student Activity:  Students will work in groups to identify the main ideas ( gist ) from reading the paragraphs. Students present the content that they learned to the members of the classroom. Students will also instruct students about the vocabulary words from the text.

Outcome: Students will teach classmates using summary of the paragraph.