Monday, January 5, 2015

Lesson Plans for the Week of 1/5/2015-1/9/2015
Mr. Bish 
Social Studies / STEM/ Non- Fiction Literacy 

Unit: Ancient Mesopotamia

Monday, January 5, 2014  D- Day 

Monday Morning Meeting Procedure

 Students will make their way down to the LGI room and participate in Monday Morning Meeting. Students will listen  and actively participate in the meeting. During the meeting students will do the following.
- Greeting - In preparing for the year the students have been working on professional greetings. student have been learning to introduce themselves by making eye contact, shaking hands in a professional manner, clearly saying their names and actively listening.
- Morning Buzz- Students will participate int he interactive news segment of the Monday Morning Meeting. During this time students will learn objectives for the week, review previously taught content, current events, weather and self- reflection. ( Focus of the Lesson Health- Hygiene)

Election Results- Students who are running for STEM council positions will learn of the election results after last weeks elections. 

282 of Hammurabi's Laws

Objective for the Lesson- 

1.) Learn about Hammurabi the Lawgiver.
2.) Explain why Hammurabi Created these laws for the the people of Babylon.
3.) Select a Law from Hammurabi's  Laws and: explain the law in their own words. 

Lesson Overview- 
Students will preview page 79 in their text and use the text to justify the need for laws in ancient Mesopotamia. Students will then watch the two videos above to add to their knowledge of Hammurabi's laws. Students will then Select a law from the link above. They will copy down the law and explain what it means in their own words. 


6. If any one steal the property of a temple or of the court, he shall be put to death, and also the one who receives the stolen thing from him shall be put to death.

Explanation of Law: 

If anyone steals anything from the temples, they will be put to death. If the thief sells what he or she has stolen from the temple, the person who purchases the stolen items or items will also be  put to death. 

Evidence of Learning: Students will be able to explain why laws are important, cite law from Hammurabic Code and explain what the law means in their own words. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 E- Day 

Intro to the Scientific Method 

Driving Question for this Unit: How do we as students use the scientific method to research, create, test, evaluate a communicate results of the scientific method? 


Questions for the Day:

What is the scientific method?
 How is it used by scientist to conduct experiments?
How does doing the Scientific help scientist solve world problems?

Focus of Today's Lesson?:  Steps of  the Scientific Method

Objectives for the Lesson:

Learn the steps of the scientific method by using the Science Buddies Project Guide as a Source.
Define each step of the scientific method
Create a book that would teach grade six students about the scientific method.

Lesson Overview:

Students will watch the two videos above with the following questions in mind:

What is the scientific method?

 How is it used by scientist to conduct experiments?

How does doing the Scientific help scientist solve world problems?

Students will then use this link to Science Buddies Project Log

Click on the project guide tab.  Students will read over the Key info:
The need to put the steps in their notes.
Students will then click on the tab- Overview of Scientific Method

Using the information they must create a book that teaches other students about the scientific method. use the information below.

Students work in groups of 4 to 5 students to complete a book about the scientific method.

Requirements for the book:

Must have a cover with a title (5pts), cover art (10 pts), by line and all contributing authors.( 5pts)
Must have all steps ( 10 pts) 
Must have a written summary of each step in kid language not copied from the site. (40pts)
Each page must have a visuals with color.( 5 pts)
Visuals must be detailed and illustrate clearly each step. (10pts)
Must be neat, grammatically correct, use appropriate punctuation  and is evident it is  your best work ( 15 pts)