Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lesson 1 Monday, March 10, 2014  D DAy
Students will be able to learn and apply the concept of fact and opinion
Students will be able to understand contour interval, contour line, and index contours.
Opening Activity Bell ringer: Define topography, relief, and elevation
Fact and opinion exercise (passage)
Fact and opinion exercise (book activity)
Closing: Review questions on content
Hwk: pg 27 Reading checkpoint  and pg 30 question 1 a-b
Lesson 2 Tuesday, March 11,2014 E Day
1.Students will be able to understand the terms contour line, contour interval, and index contour.
2.Students will be able to learn how to read a map.
Opening Activity: Bell ringer: Can you distinguish a fact from an opinion?
Mapping activity (worksheet)
Homework assignment (in-class) pg 29 questions 1-6
Closing: Review content with questions.
Closing: Review content with questions
Hwk: Finish the rest of homework assignment.
Lesson 3 Wednesday, March 12, 2014 F- Day 
1.Students will re-visit fact and opinion via a book activity.
2.Students will be able to learn how    to read a topographic map by completing a worksheet.
3.Students will be able to learn about the uses of a topographic map.
Opening Activity: Bell ringer: (topographic map) What landform is this?
Fact and opinion Activity: Students will define contour lines, interval, and index contour and change the facts into opinions.
Mapping activity: Students will complete topographic map in order to practice skill.
Closing: review questions on objective (content)
Thursday: March 13, 2014 A- Day 
Students will complete quiz on topographic maps.
Students will be able to know the four main uses of topographic maps.
Book activity: Students will find the four types of uses for a topographic map in their books on pg. 30. They will also identify how businesses and governments use topographic maps.
Homework: Page 30 Question 3 a-b
Friday: March 14, 2014 B- Day 
Students will be able to understand how weathering and erosion affect the Earth’s surface.
Students  will be able to understand the concept of cause and effect.
Opening Activity: Describe what weathering and erosion is?
How fast can you fizz activity. (lab activity)
Cause and Effect activity- (Story Chain) Students will create a story where there are causes and effects.
Book Activity (students will identify the various ways of mechanical weathering and write the causes and effects of that weathering.
Closing: Review concepts of cause and effect as well as, weathering and erosion.
Homework : Pg. 45 Question 1 a-b-c