Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday,November 18, 2013

Mr. Bish
Grade 6
November 18, 2013  A - Day

Greek Fair Work: Final Days before the Greek Fest on November 21, 2013 from 4-6 in the Middle School Gymnasium. Your child's attendance is mandatory. Your attendance is appreciated.

Parent Teacher Conference Day - Half Day

Objectives: As a result of today's lesson students will...

1. Meet and share their project status for the Greek Fest.
2.) Identify aspects of presentations that are required when answering questions from the public.
3.) Create a final version of Scientific Contributions to Science Posters for critique on Tuesday.
4.) Complete features for Greek Theater Masks.
5.) Create a set up list and table assignments for Greek Fest.

Today was a very productive  and messy day. Students completed their Scientific Contributions for the Greek Fest. On Tuesday the students will do a critique on their work to see if their posters need changes before presenting. Kora and Alexis finalized the table assignments and are working on creating a chart that tells the public where to go to see the different exhibits.  For a half day the students accomplished a great deal of work.  Students also practiced what they are going to share with people about their work getting ready for Thursday.