Procedures and Expectations

Behavioral Expectations
This year the STEM Team has five behavioral expectations for your child.
Five Behavioral Expectations for 2013-2014
1. Be prepared to produce results
2. Be an active learner
3. Be responsible
4. Be a positive influence
5. Be respectful

Our behavior expectations stem from professional expectations that people in
college and the workforce are expected to follow daily. Your child is expected to
use their time in class to work on assignments and produce results that will be
presented to their teachers, peers, and professionals who come into the
classroom. Being an active learner will benefit your child as they engage in
projects throughout the school year. Your child is responsible for completing his or
her class work and homework in a timely manner. Students will be expected to
turn in work on time and at a standard to be proud of.

Your child is expected to be a positive influence. This means treating all students,
teachers, staff and guests with respect. Students should strive to be positive role
models for their peers. It is the hope of the STEM Team that we have your support
in helping us help your child become successful learners. Your help in reinforcing
these skills and practices at home will be greatly appreciated.

We will be using the Classroom Dojo Online Behavioral Management Program to
track your child’s behavioral performance throughout the academic year. You as a
parent will have access to this online program to monitor your child’s progress.
The main goal of this program is to give constructive reinforcement to students
who are making positive and negative choices. The ultimate goal of this program
is to motivate your child to be an active self-directed learner.

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