Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lesson Plans for the Week of  December 2, 2013-December 6, 2013
Mr. Bish
Grade 6 Science/ Literacy

Week Focus: Scientific Method and Conducting Experiments

Monday, December 2, 2013   B- Day

Objectives: As result of today's lesson students will..
1.) Participate in Monday Morning Meeting by listening to weekly objectives for each subject area, announcements of upcoming events and STEM fundraisers and activities.
2.) Identify and demonstrate each step of the scientific method.
3.) Work in collaborative groups to understand each step of the scientific method.

Learning Activity: Students will work together to create a flow chart that will help them understand each step of the scientific method.  Students will present their flow charts to their groups and discuss any questions that might have about each step of the scientific method.
Evidence of Student Learning: Students will create a flow chart that they will put in their notes to refer to during this unit.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 C-Day
Objectives: As a result of the lesson students will...
1.) Conduct their first Scientific Method experiment by conducting the Candy Lab.
2.) Work in groups to generate a hypothesis, collect data, and record data.

Learning Activity: Students will be presented with a question posed by the Candy Lab. Driving Question of the lab: Which type of candy does a consumer get more of ? Skittles or Chocolate M&Ms? Student will create a hypothesis that will be their focus of the lab. During the lab the students will be broken up into groups of five. each group will be given a bag of  skittles and m&ms and after conducting and experiment we shall see which candy company provides the most candy per serving.

Evidence of Learning: Candy Lab- Students will collect data and create a hypothesis. Students will analyze data and form a conclusion.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Objectives: As a result of the lesson students will...
1.) Learn about variables by distinguishing the difference between different types of variables.
2.) Complete the Coin Lab. Students will use eye droppers to see which side of a penny holds more water the heads or tails side.
3.) Collect and analyze data gained from the Coin Lab.

Learning Activity: Students will complete the Coin Lab which will determine which side of a  coin hold the most amount drops of water. Students will do a trial of five for each side to determine using the scientific method which side holds the most water.

Evidence of Learning; Students will complete the coin lab.

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